UK producer Beneath is giving away a remix of Gesloten Cirkel’s 2013 track ‘Hole’.

The original track featured on one of the first 12″s to be released on Berceuse Heroique. A steroid-enhanced piece of monochrome electro, it  helped establish the label’s reputation for dark, weighty, off-kilter club tracks.

Beneath released the Schlocky EP on the label last month, and Berceuse Heroique has now given away his remix of ‘Hole’, which according to the label was “missing” from the release.

Largely abandoning rhythm, Beneath’s remix is unlike anything he’s done before, turning the original into a hellishly bleak combination of irradiated synths and floor-shaking bass. Hear and download it below, and listen to the Shlocky EP in full here.



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