The doom experimentalist produces his first orchestral work.

There are few bands that sound as overwhelmingly huge as Sunn O))), the drone metal duo of Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson. Now O’Malley has announced a new solo album to be released on Demdike Stare‘s DDS label that approaches those towering sounds in a new way.

Gruidés is O’Malley’s first work composing for orchestra, with the French 35-piece improv orchestra ONCEIM to be exact. According to the fine distributors Boomkat the long form drone piece required musicians to sustain notes for minutes on end while also incorporating some of the same whip-like percussion that made their collaboration with Scott Walker last year so thrilling.

Gruidés is available now from DDS through Boomkat. Be sure to revisit Stephen O’Malley’s dense FACT mix in the meantime.



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