Funk Flex has leaked a reference track from Drake’s alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller.

The Hot 97 DJ played a reference version of ’10 Bands’, which first appeared on Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late albumIt was reportedly recorded by Quentin Miller, the man Meek Mill claims is responsible for Drake’s lyrics.

“If Drake does write everything everyone owes him an apology. If he doesn’t, I go on the record as [saying] he’s a fraud,” said Flex at the start of his show.

“I got this from someone in Drake’s camp,” Flex said before airing the reference track. “They reached out. They saw me keeping it 100 on [Instagram.]”

According to Flex’s unspecified source, Drake pays Miller a retainer of $5,000 per month. The full writing and production credits for Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late list Miller as a co-writer on six songs.

Listen to a snippet of the reference track below. [via Complex]

Update: Drake’s longtime producer has taken to Twitter to reject Meek Mill’s claims. 

Noah ’40’ Shebib has defended Drake against allegations of ghostwriting.

“You’re smokin that shit you say you selling if you think someone wrote that shit,” said 40 on Twitter. “So if someone wants to be upset that Drake made a great album, go for it, get mad all day lol! but don’t ever question my brother’s pen.”



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