The hypnagogic pop artist lets go of the long time moniker on his upcoming album.

George Clanton has always been Mirror Kisses, a project that subverts genres like vaporwave and chillwave with his brutally intense stage presence. There’s something violently direct and honest when Clanton performs that makes him stand out in scenes that tend to worship the anonymity of the internet. Now he’s dropped the Mirror Kisses moniker altogether and moved forward simply as himself.

Today, he’s released ‘Wonder Gently’ which places his impassioned vocals over the kind of hypnotic groove often explored with his project ESPRIT. The song plays like a response to every mocking comment about vaporwave or bedroom pop as a whole. There’s always the old “Well, I could make that easy” complaint tossed around to which Clanton retorts as the song boils over into a crashing synth climax: “Here’s your drums, here’s your bass / stay in your fucking place.”

Listen below and look for Clanton’s new LP 100% Electronica on September 25th through his label of the same name.

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