JD Twitch says the “nightmare” scenario has cost “several thousand pounds”.

Sony has forced Optimo Music to destroy copies of its forthcoming post-punk compilation Now That’s What I Call DIY! (Cult Classics From The Post-Punk Era 1978-82). The major sent a cease-and-desist letter arguing that the compilation’s title infringed the copyright of its long-running Now That’s What I Call Music! series.

Label boss JD Twitch told RA: “I couldn’t reach agreement with Sony to modify the existing sleeves that was either satisfactory to them or cost effective to me, so the original sleeves will be destroyed.”

He added: “While the whole thing has been a nightmare and extremely annoying, really, the only person I am angry with is myself for not even considering it might be an issue. I totally appreciate that Sony are perfectly entitled to vigorously pursue copyright infringement.” Sony is yet to respond to RA’s request for comment.

The repackaged compilation, is now titled [Cease & Desist] DIY! (Cult Classics From The Post-Punk Era 1978-82). It’s due on October 30 digitally and on double vinyl, and unsurprisingly looks a lot more essential than your typical Now…! compilation, featuring as it does music from Tesco Bombers, Dorothy and The Prats.



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