The #KUNQ innovator readies his proper debut EP.

Rizzla will release his long-awaited debut EP on September 25 via Fade to Mind. As with his previous work, Iron Cages finds Rizzla using ragga, soca, dembow, bubbling and hardstyle to explore the political ramifications of “corporatized club culture.”

The EP’s title is inspired by the works of political philosophers Max Weber and Ronald Takaki, and the title track is “about taking charge of abusive relationships, sexual or sociological, and the pleasure that ending pain causes.”

As he tells Fader: “The title refers to being trapped, obviously, but breaking out, and the name comes from the classic book about the mechanisms of American racism by Ronald Takaki. In many ways living in NYC makes you feel trapped in the club all the time, especially if you are unwell, and bringing in [Daniel from Inc’s] guitars kind of fractures that overly neon turn-up sound I’ve grown so tired of.”

Stream ‘Iron Cages’, featuring vocalist Odile Myrtil, below; the EP is available to pre-order. Previously, we interviewed Rizzla about humanizing the exotic and Fade to Mind co-founders Kingdom and Prince Will about the label’s 2015 plans.

1. Iron Cages feat. Odile Myrtil
2. Fucking Fascist
3. Airlock
4. Twitch Queen
5. Black Jacobins



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