Update: Garden Of Delete is due out on November 13, with Warp adding ‘Mutant Standard’ to the list of song titles but no other details, save a brief video teaser (below) and this quote from Lopatin: “I originally intended on this project painting some troubled pictures of pop music, but as it emerged I realised it turned into a self-portrait.”

Oneohtrix Point Never is back with the follow-up to 2013’s incredible R Plus Seven.

At least, that’s what we think he’s up to, judging by a rather impenetrable communication posted by Daniel Lopatin to his website today, with a multi-page PDF detailing the dubious genesis of the album and its possible tracklist.

The PDF includes a questionnaire which includes a link to a blog featuring posts dated to 1994, including an interview between Lopatin and his mysterious alien collaborator Ezra.

The new album appears to be called Garden of Delete, with a release date of November:

“The record is finished. I’ve spent most of the summer thinking about how I want to present it. I started writing in January, and wrapped up in July. It’ll be out in November. It’s called Garden of Delete or G.O.D. for short. The R thing is over.”

Lopatin also suggests that the album is influenced by “cybernetic rock” and his touring experience with Nine Inch Nails:

“I’m aware of the hypergrunge movement. When I went on tour with NIN, Reznor gave me the green light to attempt cyberdrone for Soundgarden audiences in broad daylight. By the time Soundgarden hit the stage their fans were exausted, often irritated. So that was interesting, however the whole thing had me questioning the effectiveness of cyberdrone beyond the Live Nation context.”

Possible track titles include: ‘I Bite Through It, ‘Sticky Drama’, ‘Ezra’, ‘Animals’, ‘Black Knight’ and ‘Lift’.



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