Camel Audio’s much-loved soft synth lives again.

Apple has just released a free update for its Logic Pro software, which includes a new version of soft synth Alchemy, originally created by UK-based Camel Audio.

Like the original Alchemy, Apple’s fully fledged version 2.0 update is a synth that allows the manipulation of samples to create unique synth patches. Apple’s version adds 3000 presets and a host of improvements to the synth engine, including granular mode, improved algorithms for additive and spectral resynthesis and redesigned analog filters.

It’s good news for fans of Camel Audio, who were distraught when the company announced it was closing its doors earlier this year. It was given a fresh lease of life when it was acquired by Apple a month later, though the first fruits of its acquisition were some slightly underwhelming synths that appeared in Garageband in June.

Although the Logic Pro version of Alchemy isn’t the standalone version some might have hoped for, it actually costs less to buy a full version of Logic than the synth originally cost on its own. It also comes with Apple’s Mainstage app, which costs considerably less, and can be used with your DAW of choice – as long as you have a Mac.

You can buy Logic Pro X from the Mac App Store for £149.99/$199.99.



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