The N.W.A. rapper’s son points to Suge Knight interview discussing injecting people with AIDS-infected blood.

Eazy-E’s death has always appeared more open-and-shut than the  shootings of Biggie Smalls or Tupac Shakur – E died from complications from AIDS, one month after his diagnosis at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in February 1995.

The rapper’s son Lil Eazy, however, believes the story “doesn’t add up”. He explained on Instagram he thinks his father was injected with the AIDS virus and that Suge Knight, currently on trial for murder, may have been responsible.

I’ve been known my pops was killed. His death never added up 2 what ppl have always said maybe they think we’re idiots blind to the truth idk….but 4 u new fans, youngsters & ppl who just don’t know much notice in #StraightOuttaCompton Eazy did not get sick until after the studio incident with suge and look how he acknowledged & admits on this interview with #JimmyKimmel injecting ppl instead of shooting them is a new thing that’s done. Oh n let’s not touch the topic on Ice Cube naming his album “Lethal Injection” 💉 #FreeYourMind #RipEazyE #EazyE #FuckSugeKnight

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“Eazy did not get sick until after the studio incident with Suge”, he explains. The picture posted to Instagram is taken from a Jimmy Kimmel interview with the rap mogul where he does describe a murder method of injecting someone who AIDS-infected blood in order to deliver “a slow death.”

“An Eazy-E death,” he adds, laughing. Watch the video below.

Recently, N.W.A. manager Jerry Heller spoke about E’s own intention to kill Knight and his initial objections before saying, “I should have let him kill him. You know? I would have done the world a favour.”



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