The breakthrough mixtape finally hits wax.

2011’s House of Balloons introduced the world to the sordid, polaroid world of The Weeknd, and for many it’s still Abel Tesfaye’s best work (aided by production on several tracks by Zodiac, who then fell out with Tesfaye).

Another pair of free mixtapes, Thursday and Echoes of Silence, were released later that year, before all three were compiled as a triple-album on Republic, Trilogy. 

Trilogy was granted a vinyl release: unfortunately it was as a $200 six-record box-set, limited to 500 copies and followed by a mild controversy over whether it was actually signed or not. Bar an unofficial bootleg, this is the first single vinyl release of House of Balloons. 

Republic snuck it out earlier this month, and it’s available in stores now. [via The Vinyl Factory]

Update: As pointed out on Twitter, vinyl editions of Thursday and Echoes of Silence have also appeared in stores.




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