Stream the full album below.

Josh Graham is currently best known for the metal band A Storm Of Light (who recently appeared in our list of the top 40 post-metal albums), but lately he’s explored a very different direction with his project IIVII (pronounced “Eve”) conjuring electronic soundscapes. Next week he will release the project’s debut album Colony, which we’re streaming in full.

It’s not unheard of for metal and ambience to mix, but rather than something like Burzum’s Filosofem, Graham feels closer to Fenriz’s Darkthrone-side project, Neptune Towers, by pushing off from metal’s earthy roots and into deep space. Colony is a record that embraces science fiction tones, often feeling like the soundtrack to some unfilmed epic through all its textured drift and bubbling synths.

Stream Colony below and grab it September 4 via Consouling Sounds.



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