The Montparnasse spot opens on September 25 with a party featuring Kyle Hall, Lucy and more.

A new club is set to open in Paris later this month called Virgo, located at the foot of the city’s Montparnasse tower.

As RA reports, the 1700-capacity club is a joint venture between Parisian promoters Sonotown and La Rafinerie. According to Sonotown’s Julien Boisseau, the club has been gestating for two years, and will showcase “a large spectrum of music, mainly electronic but not limited to it.”

“Virgo aims to propose an alternative to what’s currently happening in the city, with something big and technically flawless. Our two rooms will feature proper soundsystems (Void and D&B) and we will host exciting but still innovative lineups. We want to create a regular rendez-vous every Friday,” Boisseau adds.

While the full programme will be announced on September 15, the launch party on September 25 will feature Kyle Hall, Lucy, and Fachwerk’s Mike Dehnert, Sascha Rydell and Roman Lindau. October 2 will see DJ Sneak, Point G and Lazare Hoche in the first room, and Digital Mystikz in the second room.

Virgo arrives in the same month as London’s newest club, Phonox, which launches on September 4.



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