90s ambient icons Global Communication’s first production since 1997 arrives today – in the form of a remix.

Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard’s 76:14 is one of the 90s’ most acclaimed electronic albums, while a cast of aliases (Reload, Jedi Knights and more) also orbited the project. Their last record came out in 1997, and although there was a live reunion in 2010, the new material we were promised is yet to emerge.

Pritchard’s nowhere to be seen on this remix of Dusky’s ‘Skin Deep’ (it’s Middleton flying solo), but it’s still an occasion. According to Dusky, “we knew we wanted someone special and we knew we wanted someone who would get to the heart of the melodies and textures in the breakdown…. Global Communication made perfect sense. Tom has totally delivered, creating something that draws on the heritage of the ambient sound, but also feels current and modern.”

Stream both versions of the remix below and buy them here (there’s a vinyl version on the way, too.) Oh, and according to the press release, there’s more Global Communication material to come – but we have heard that before.

Revisit Global Communication’s FACT mix:



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