“I’m heartbroken and performing them feels too heavy still”.

Earlier this year Robyn announced La Bagatelle Magique, a collaboration with producers Markus Jägerstedt and Christian Falk. By design it was a one-off project, since Falk died last year. Following the release of their mini-album Love Is Free, Robyn announced tour dates for the project, but now that has been put on hold. The reason is understandable, the songs have proven to be too difficult to perform in the wake of Falk’s death. All tour dates have been cancelled for the time being. Below you can find a statement from Robyn explaining the difficult situation to fans.

“It was much harder singing these songs on stage than I thought. Even though it’s been a year since Christian passed, I’m heartbroken and performing them feels too heavy still. I’m sorry to disappoint the fans that have bought tickets to these shows and I will do my best to come back to San Francisco and Brazil soon.”

To learn the full story behind La Bagatelle Magique read our recent interview.



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