The prolific Chicago innovator announces yet another full-length project.

Jamal Moss will deliver a new Hieroglyphic Being album through Soul Jazz Records next month.

The Acid Documents collects music that first appeared on a short run of homemade CD-Rs sold exclusively at London’s Sounds Of The Universe store last year. It is the first of two albums that Moss has on the way for Soul Jazz—an LP from Moss’ Africans With Mainframes project is scheduled to arrive in January.

The ever-busy artist also has an “epic” ensemble album in the works for RVNG Intl. We Are Not The First was recorded during a week of studio sessions in Brooklyn, and features the combined talents of Jamal Moss together with Sun Ra Arkestra leader Marshall Allen and a host of others.

The Acid Documents will be released October 30 on vinyl and digital formats via Soul Jazz. A CD edition will follow on November 13. Check the tracklist below. [via RA]


01. Culdees
02. Dualism
03. Fabian Society
04. Gematria
05. Jacobites Order
06. Aurum Solis
07. E Clampus Vitus
08. Hollow Earth
09. Illuminates Of Thaneteros
10. Burlesque Degrees



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