A bizarre incident befalls the Krakow festival.

Unsound has been forced to cancel a concert at St. Catherine’s Church that was set to feature Current 93 due to charges that the industrial act (and in turn, the festival) promotes and propagates Satanism.

In a statement on its website, the festival calls the accusations “completely unfounded, unreasonable, and slanderous.” “We of course categorically deny that Satanism is now or has ever been promoted at our festival. The goal of the Unsound festival has always been bringing artists and audiences together in the promotion of art and culture.”

While David Tibet’s work as Current 93 references mysticism and explores theology, he describes himself as a Christian. “I absolutely deny these laughable slurs, first made in a complaint by someone to St. Catherine’s Church, and then reposted on a sensationalist and scurrilous blog site,” he writes in a letter shared by Unsound.

“I have declared many times that I am Christian. Nearly all of my work manifests this belief, both my music and my artwork — and this conviction remains no less true even if my work often displays a dark humour — as well as my studies, including those in Coptic, which I learnt in order to work on apocryphal New Testament texts.”

However, Tibet’s letter did nothing to dissuade St. Catherine’s, and Unsound is currently looking for a new venue for the October 16 concert. [via Resident Advisor]



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