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Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week, Posthuman deliver a bumper acid blend, Dance Mania vet DJ Deeon slaps us with a no-frills ghetto house set and Meaghan Garvey drags us to a nihilist’s Halloween party.


Xosar’s brand new radio show is off to a cracking start. Gyrocyre is her new label, too, so it’s not a surprise to hear tracks from her inaugural EP sandwiched between shadowy ambience, crackling textures and walloping beats. This isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’ve been following Xosar up until now, you’d know that already.

Ma Mix Up 2015

Every week for the rest of this year we will hunt for a mix that contain’s Busy’s Signal’s ‘Text Message’, a track which we will never, ever get bored of and which makes even the most mediocre cut-and-shut DJ session jingle and vibrate with brilliance. Fortunately Nguzunguzu’s Ma is a pro, and this session contains ace originals and edits from Kelela, Alex Deamonds, Kingdom and more. And Wayne Wonder!

DJ Deeon

Teklife collaborator Ashes57 enlists DJ Deeon for her mix series, and the Dance Mania veteran steps up with 80 minutes of Chicago trax, from juke to footwork to ghetto house. Featuring all the usual suspects (DJ Rashad, DJ Funk, Deeon himself), there’s nothing groundbreaking here — just non-stop move-your-body dance material.

Meaghan Garvey
a known grim reaper

Rap aficionado Meaghan Garvey delivers a 40-minute mix perfect for Halloween season, promising (and delivering) “70% nihilism, 30% turn-up.” Expect menacing rap tracks by the likes of Future (the mix takes its name from a lyric in his ‘News or Somethn’, which makes an appearance), Archibald Slim, Grip Plyaz and more with similarly-tuned instrumentals by Kuedo and M.E.S.H., plus L-Vis 1990’s Sade edit, for good measure.

Maria Chavez
NTS Show

Noted sound artist and turntablist Maria Chavez dropped into London’s NTS Radio earlier this month to deliver a beguiling selection of experimental sounds, ranging from pristine drones to pummeling techno. Her knowledge is fathoms-deep, and we’re guided through a world that’s a million miles from the landfill tech house we stumble across all too frequently these days. This is one for the heads, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The Ransom Note Mix

You can always count on Posthuman to deliver something that’s actually fun. No posturing or contextualizing here, this is acid for people who want to listen to a mix that claps you around the ears and practically demands you head over to Amsterdam to take them up on their “five pills” rule. Don’t think about it, just press play.

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