Hudson Mohawke’s latest Lantern video is an epic aerial journey over the twilit New York skyline.

Directed by LuckyMe’s Dominic Flannigan and video artist Nic Hamilton, the ‘System’ video was inspired by “classic rave visuals and CG stock art of the late 90s where the grid of the city would be superimposed with circuit boards and processors,” they explain.

The team commissioned a helicopter to cruise over Manhattan’s skyscrapers with a 4K resolution camera on board, which Hamilton then treated and placed in a CG environment inspired by Philip Glass’ sci-fi melodrama 1000 Airplanes On The Roof.

The video marks the second instalment of Warp’s collaboration with C4’s Random Acts. Hudson Mohawke curates a night at this year’s Warehouse Project with Mark Ronson, Novelist and more performing.



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