The Glaswegian producer wins the merchandise game.

Sega Bodega makes his debut on Activia Benz tomorrow (October 23) with Sportswear, a debut label boss Slugabed has been trying to secure since the label’s founding.

“Sega Bodega is that kind of softly spoken, tracksuit wearing, always-gives-you-a-hug type of guy who you might consider to be a bit “special” if you met him on the street,” Slugabed explains. “Well, you’d be right! He is special! His music is cinematic and emotionally weighty, but also it can, like, really go hard.”

Sportswear is a suite of lush, emotional club tracks well-suited for the label. Listeners will also be well-suited — literally — if they buy the made-to-order tracksuit that accompanies the EP’s release.

Check out pics of the tracksuit and stream the EP in its entirety below; both will be available tomorrow via Activia Benz.





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