The Brooklyn-based producer follows up 2014’s A Constant Moth.

Lord RAJA has announced PARA, his second album for Ghostly International. “This is probably my most successful attempt at making a consistent work,” he says in a statement. “I was really conscious about making a record that wouldn’t alienate people.”

The album is based on synth sounds he recorded at Austin’s famed Switched On store, and recorded with his Lexicon PCM 90 and an Eventide H3000 that he modified himself “to get the effects he heard in his head.” It was recorded while on tour and during his travels through the Indian state of Rajasthan.

“The title, PARA, is an open-ended ‘For,’” he explains. “It could be ‘For You,’ it could be ‘For’ something you’re doing. Ultimately, it’s for whatever you want it to be for. I feel like I was very prepared to make this album. I wanted to include everyone, and say ‘This is my voice.’”

Hear that voice on ‘Shook’, below. PARA is due out digitally on December 22 via Adult Swim/Ghostly International and on vinyl on January 22 via Ghostly.

01. Stars (Intro)
02. Zerulean
03. Butterfly On A Jet
04. Sheep
05. Broken Computer
06. Ride Out (Digital Bonus)
07. H3000
08.  Stoked Tourist
09. Koi Fish
10. Renaissance Endo
11. Shook
12. Footwork
13. Flying Towards The Ground
14. Invst (Digital Bonus)



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