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#FACTInstaBeats: the best submissions so far

Since June, FACT readers have been sending videos of themselves making tracks to our #FACTInstaBeats Instagram series.

Every time we publish an episode of Against the Clock we get readers asking if they can do their own, and although we did run a competition for that, the volume of requests was such that it justified its own series (turns out you’re a talented lot, who knew?). We recently reached 5,000 #FACTInstaBeats submissions, and in celebration our social media editors Maxwell Schiano and Carys Huws, together with OddKidOut who helped us launch the series, have picked 15 of their favourite entries so far.

To follow the series and submit your own entries, follow us on Instagram.

#eurorack #modularsynth #modularbeats #factinstabeats

A video posted by Noctambulance / Sleepwalk (@noctambulance) on

Well this is fun #eurorack #FactInstaBeats

A video posted by Andrew Pigue (dJiNN) (@splatterandy) on

Band practice "future memories of labyrinth" #FACTInstaBeats

A video posted by tristan_grace (@tristan_grace) on

House jam! #FACTInstaBeats #FACTMusicGear #FACTMagazine #roland #tr8 #volca #iMPC #house

A video posted by Bruno Silvano (@brunosilvano) on

dusty gear, dusty beats #factinstabeats

A video posted by @sard on

Album progreso.

A video posted by Thomas Dijkstra (@vondeu) on

Old loop. I know. You told me.

A video posted by ±±DING±± ~~~~ SoulNine (@soulnine) on





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