Oneohtrix Point Never takes LARPing to gory, surreal extreme in ‘Sticky Drama’ video

Hear the latest song from G. o. D. in this 10-minute video.

Garden Of Delete, the new album from Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin), is shaping up to be one of the most exciting releases of fall. Today he’s shared one more single before release day next week, ‘Sticky Drama’, which takes his recent cyber-metal deconstructions and stretches them with the flair of one-time collaborators PC Music.

It comes with a video and a separate prologue (both directed by Jon Rafman and Lopatin) that combine to make a 10-minute epic filled with tween LARPers, computer generated creatures and Troma-esque splatter-gore. Watch both in the playlist above and look for Oneohtrix’s latest November 13 via Warp.

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