We’ve been waiting for so long for an authorised biopic of Tupac that at this point we’ll take whatever we can get.

And “whatever we can get” might be the operative term for Until The End Of Time, a totally unauthorised Chinese production with a budget on a par with Mariah’s new Christmas movie (looking forward to that one too).

The film follows a Chinese college student in China who’s required by his professor to research American civil rights and activism and ends up meeting a former girlfriend of Tupac’s in China, when “things take a turn from just another class project to a life changing event.”

Tupac is played by Californian actor Tsalta Baptiste, but we’re more interested in the teacher and his crazy waxed moustache. WTF. Watch the trailer below and, um, don’t expect it in a cinema near you any time soon.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited official biopic has been put on hold until further notice, according to director John Singleton. [via Stereogum]



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