EMA goes “expansive, pristine and vast” on ‘Amnesia Haze’.

Erika M. Anderson’s latest release as EMA is an original score for #HORROR, a thriller directed by Tara Subkoff and starring Chloe Sevigny and Natasha Lyonne.

To mark the release of the score, she’s unveiled a video for ‘Amnesia Haze’ co-directed with Severiano Martinez, which captures a close-up of the singer’s face and layers it over incredible footage of clouds, mountain peaks and snow-covered landscapes.

Describing the song, Anderson says: “Although it has a very ‘pretty’ ethereal pop sound to it, I think of the lyrics as almost a eulogy. Kind of my 21st century version of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’. Although of course my guitar solo is not quite Slash-worthy.

“For the video we wanted something expansive, pristine and vast. I feel like these landscapes represent the distance of memory and some sort of unbreakable bond.”

Watch the video above and get the soundtrack on iTunes.



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