It wasn’t just Amazon making a killing from vinyl this Christmas gone.

HMV sold one turntable a minute in the week leading up to Christmas. Ian Topping, the store’s chief executive said: “Entertainment products form a major part of the Christmas shopping list. The gift of the year in 2015, though, has to be a turntable as we see a huge resurgence in the sales of vinyl.”

It wasn’t just HMV, either: John Lewis reported a 240% increase in turntable sales last year, while turntables were Amazon’s biggest selling audio product at Christmas.

Industry figures for 2015 just released by the BPI and Nielsen Soundscan show the continuing resurgence of vinyl, with sales climbing by 64% in the UK to a 21-year high. Meanwhile, Americans bought 11.9 million slabs of wax in 2015 – a 29% increase on last year. [via The Vinyl Factory]

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