The world is ending and the Freedom Girls will sing its anthem.

Following takedown requests from Neil Young, Aerosmith and R.E.M., Donald Trump has found a new musical angle for his conservative political rallies. Meet the Freedom Girls, a trio of childlike humanoids that have debuted a new Trump campaign song at a Florida rally.

Dressed in matching American flag cheerleader outfits the trio sing the praises of Trump’s coming dystopia with a plastic glee that would make even PC Music princess QT bleakly mutter: “What the fuck is going on?” before disappearing into her soda can, genie-style.

Choice lyrics include: “Enemies of freedom! Face The music! C’mon boy! Take ’em down!” and most chilling of all, “President Donald Trump knows how to make America great! Deal from strength of get crushed every time!” You probably don’t believe this is real, but we assure you, click the “Official Donald Trump Jam” below and you will hear a gyrating child sing those phrases.

Oh David, why couldn’t you have taken us with you?



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