The collaboration comes under Bannon’s new Dedekind Cut alias.

Rabit and Lee Bannon have announced a collaborative EP, due to be self-released later this month.

Announced on Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC 6 Music show yesterday (January 13), the four-track R&D EP is described by the pair as an “industrial fusion of ourselves”.

The A-side, premiered by Hobbs, is as stylistically diverse as you’d expect, covering digital ambient, harsh noise and a loose interpretation of jungle you could just about get away with playing in a club.

Bannon switched to the Dedekind Cut alias last year with a free EP called tHot eNhançeR – the Patterns of Excel album on Ninja Tune was the last to be released under his own name.

The R&D EP will be released, also via Ninja Tune, on January 19 – pre-order it on Bandcamp. It will also be available via iTunes and streaming. Listen to the A-side below.



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