Psychic explorers Dalhous will begin an ambitious cycle of recordings about isolation, identity and mental health with House Number 44.

Returning to Blackest Ever Black, which previously released Dalhous’ pair of albums exploring the legacy of psychiatrist R. D. Laing, The Composite Moods Collection is about the relationship between two co-habiting individuals, one believed to be in fine mental health while the other appears “distinctly unwell – detached, isolated, often feeling helpless”.

House Number 44, the first volume, is also about artistic license, notes the press release, and “the ‘artistic’ liberties all of us take in the construction of our own self-image, and in our day-to-day perception of others.”

The “composite moods” of the collection’s title are a nod to vintage film and library cues and the archaic idea that a mood can be a discrete or fixed thing, the press release continues. Instead, Marc Dall “attempts to convey a bipolarity of mood, each movement contradicting or erasing what came before”.

So there’s quite a lot going on in terms of concept, but we’re also told to expect some of Dalhous’s “sparsest, most malevolent-sounding work to date” as well as “disarmingly beautiful” moments, with 80s neo-noir film scores, Klaus Schulze, Pete Namlook, and Eno’s The Shutov Assembly all cited.

Hear the serene ‘Methods Of Élan’ below. The Composite Moods Collection Vol.1: House Number 44 arrives in March in 2XLP and digital formats. Blackest Ever Black will also release music by Ashtray Navigations, Secret Boyfriend, Carla dal Forno and Amateur Childbirth this year.

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1. Response To Stimuli (4:16)
2. It Itself, Is Harmless (2:33)
3. Running Sheets (4:53)
4. Ecstasy As A Mask Or A Shield (4:13)
5. Conscience Of Nerves (2:31)
6. Research Network (1:13)
7. On A Level (2:22)
8. End Of Each Analysis (4:27)
9. Mimetic (2:55)
10. Content For Feelings (3:27)
11. Zero Point Zero Six Per Cent (1:52)
12. Implicit Use Of Abstraction (1:30)
13. Statistical Order (0:42)
14. Results (2:22)
15. Vestibule (1:08)
16. Everything They Wanted To Hear (5:30)
17. Baby-Oh-Feed-Bak (3:44)
18. Methods Of Élan (4:06)
19. Lines To Border (2:58)



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