The quartet’s new album includes two CDs meant to be played simultaneously.

Last September, Japanese sludge metal trio Boris and noise legend Merzbow announced Gensho, a new double album and their first collaborative release since 2011’s Klatter. Though they originally slated the record for February 2016 on Relapse, the band have now settled on a March 18 release, Exclaim reports.

The album splits Boris and Merzbow’s material onto separate discs and suggests the listener play both at the same time. Boris’ disc features new drumless versions of older material — from the Pink‘s shoegaze epic ‘Farewell’ to the speed metal of ‘Akuma No Uta’ to their cover of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Sometimes’ — while Merzbow’s side will be entirely original material. The album’s title (gensho means ‘phenomena’) is a reference to the sense of chance that comes with letting the two recordings play at once. Watch a trailer for Gensho below and keep an eye out for another exciting Merzbow release coming that same day.

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