The 150-minute album consists of two CDs meant to be played simultaneously.

Boris and Merzbow have had a strong working relationship for over a decade now. Like the D’Artagnan to the metal trio’s Three Muskateers, Merzbow has a tendency to join the band as a temporary fourth member for various performances and albums. They’ve just announced their latest which is titled Gensho (Japanese for ‘phenomenon’) and due February 2016 via Relapse. The album comes with a unique construction, however, that gives the listener choices with how they hear it.

The release contains one disc featuring Boris and another with only Merzbow making for roughly two-and-a-half hours of music. However, the band has explained the two discs are intended to be played simultaneously. Though they haven’t shared any new music yet, the album is actually inspired by the quartet’s 2014 Boiler Room performance. Watch that below and look for Gensho next year. [via TinyMixTapes]

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