A bunch of filthy house records are coming back on wax.

Dance Mania will reissue a clutch of vintage tracks over the next few weeks, starting with a remastered version of Hercules’ ‘7 Ways’, the 1986 house classic by Marshall Jefferson, with two new remixes from Jammin Gerald on the B-side.

In February, the Chicago label will also reissue two EPs by ghetto house original Paul Johnson, 11 PM Music/2 AM Music and Sex Crazed/Track Happy, plus Parris Mitchell’s Butter Fly EP.

Parris Mitchell recently looked back on the birth of house for an illuminating conversation with Mr Beatnick.

Check out FACT’s oral history of Dance Mania and guide to the label’s essential records. [via RA]


Paul Johnson ‎– 11 P.M. Music / 2 AM Music
A1 The Speaker Buster
A2 Don’t Stop Movin That Ass
B1 Something Strange
B2 Freaks In Front

Paul Johnson – Sex Crazed / Track Happy
A1 Suck My Candy Cane
A2 U Remind Me Of Some Sex
B1 Give Me Ecstasy
B2 Groove Melody

Parris Mitchell – Butter Fly
A1 Part I
A2 Part II
B1 Spanish Fly
B2 House Fly

Hercules (Marshall Jefferson) – 7 Ways – 2016 Mixes
A1 7 Ways Main Mix
A2 7 Ways Club Mix
B1 7 Ways (Jammin Gerald Remix Instrumental)
B2 7 Ways (Jammin Gerald Remix)



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