A few years back, we described power ambient as one of the most important sounds of the moment.

One of the exciting things about 2016 so far has been hearing the next steps for some of those artist. Roly Porter recently released his overwhelming Third Law, a creative breakthrough. Another artist making those steps is Subtext label affiliate Paul Jebanasam, who you may have heard in Porter’s FACT mix this week. Next week, Jebanasam will release Continuum, his second album and the definitive statement of his career so far.

As the imposing image of England’s Culham fusion reactor gets across on Continuum‘s cover, Jebanasam’s constantly shifting soundscapes combust with a glowing energy. The record’s three extended pieces shift between terrifying harshness and a serene beauty with a patient natural flow. The opening particle shower balances with the middle (and shortest, at 10 minutes) track’s crackling embers, but it’s the final piece where the line between those two blurs completely. It’s a record that doesn’t demand, so much as reward, a start-to-finish listen, which you can do now. Stream all of Continuum below and look for it February 5 via Subtext.

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