The DJ Justin James saga continues.

Here’s a quick rundown: On Wednesday, an LA-based DJ and booking agent currently working in Asia got a lot of people’s backs up via up an advert he posted in public Facebook group ‘Support FEMALE DJs’. Everyone from The Black Madonna and Legowelt to Derrick Carter waded in to express their disgust at James’s sexist requirements which demanded female DJs are “attractive” and of a certain weight and height should they hope to DJ with him in Asia.

Last night, James got in touch with us wanting to tell his side of the story. “I am not sorry that people are angry. People have misconstrued what I said,” he told FACT over email. “The list of requirements that I posted were not mine, but very specifically what I was asked to seek out by a set of employers… I personally (as a DJ) couldn’t care less about who a DJ is or what they look like… Only how they play.”

We asked him if he was morally opposed to the criteria: “One year ago, I would have said yes. I disliked the fact that this was becoming a thing. I disliked the fact that I was getting passed up on jobs due to other less talented (female) DJs. But, after traveling around I started to become aware that there is a HUGE market for people that are good at what they do… and attractive to boot.”

He continues: “Sex sells. Period. Please don’t act like this is something that we were not aware of, and please do not shoot the messenger for relaying the message. As I stated before; Be whoever you want… But, in certain markets around the world you need to fit a specific criteria.”

James said he didn’t envision there would be such a backlash. “The goal with my career has never been to be controversial, but unfortunately some people get offended by honesty. Unfortunately there is too much bullshitting in the entertainment industry, so rather than waste people’s valuable time I decided to be honest and up-front about what was requested of me… Fuck me right? If anyone actually read my initial post they would understand that that is not what I said… Anybody can be a DJ as long as it stems from a true love of music.”



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