John Frusciante has got his TB-303 out again.

Following his stripped-back, electro-tinged debut for LA label Acid Test last year, the former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist returns for a second EP of acid squelch.

The four-track Foregrow EP is inspired by “elements of John Carpenter’s eternal scores, the drum programming DNA of jungle and footwork, and yes, a Roland TB-303,” the label notes. We like of all those things, right? It’s out on April 16 (Record Store Day) under his given name, rather than last year’s Trickfinger alias.

Last year Frusciante gave away a trove of unreleased music and announced that he had “no audience” for his electronic experiments. [via RA]


A1 ‘Foregrow’
A2 ‘Expre’act’
B1 ‘Lowth Forgue’
B2 ‘Unf’



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