The artist is also bringing Transcendental Meditation to the young people of Hackney.

Dean Blunt claims he’s moving into film with what he describes as “sort of a black action hero slash UK stoner buddy movie” shot between London and Atlanta.

The news was delivered by Blunt in an unusually candid interview with i-D, in which he also discussed his art, gentrification and love of Transcendental Meditation.

His recent show at the Cubitt Gallery in London was the main topic of conversation, with Blunt reacting to the perception among some that the exhibition’s solitary stock photo was a joke.

“Whether or not I had an intention is besides the point. I’ve been more amused by the shit that comes out of people’s mouths when they haven’t been guided,” Blunt said over email.

“British ppl hate feeling like they have egg on their faces. They’re quick to sew a jester’s hat.”

Blunt, who advertised the exhibition via an eBay auction for a toy Foxtons Mini Cooper full of weed, was unimpressed when one visitor told him she thought it was about gentrification: “That the only people who talk about gentrification are the ppl guilty of it. All o dem. Every phase had its riderz.”

As well as his move into film, the community-minded musician wants to introduce Transcendental Meditation to the young people of Hackney, combining classes in the technique with “lessons in how to make tunes.”

“Transcendental Meditation is an effortless practice that brings a lot. Pareto. The hardest thing to remember is how simple it is. Focusing too much on the mantra defeats the objective.”

When we’ll see Blunt’s action movie is unclear, but it’s going to be a busy year for the artist: as well as the forthcoming Babyfather album on Hyperdub, Blunt has further exhibitions planned in Rotterdam and Peckham in 2016.

Listen to Babyfather’s recent collaboration with Arca below.



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