The cataloguing and record trading site continues to grow.

Anyone out there who buys used vinyl regularly will no doubt have come across Discogs. Not only is it the best place to find out information about album releases (yep, better than Wikipedia), it’s also great for buying and selling records, and more and more people are converting to the cause.

Earlier today, the site posted 2015’s stats and their business increased 31% since 2014. They sold a whopping 6.6 million records, over five million of which were vinyl, with CD, cassette and “other” making up the rest of the sales.

Vinyl sales were up over a million since last year, and the planet’s favorite genre is still rock, with pop coming in second, and electronic close behind. The least popular genre is brass & military, if you were wondering.

The record that shifted the most copies was Fleetwood Mac’s resoundingly popular Rumours, which sold 3680 units. Michael Jackson’s world-beating Thriller was in second place, selling 3610 copies, followed by Jack White, The White Stripes and Pink Floyd. Encouragingly, FACT favorite Aphex Twin made the top 10, coming in at a respectable ninth place for Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Vol. 2, which moved 1006 units.

Despite strong competition from Loefah, the most expensive record sold last year was Judge’s ‘Chung King Can Suck It’, which sold for $6,048 making it the priciest record ever to sell on the site.

You can read the whole list of stats over at Discogs.

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