“It’s a deeply fucked situation.”

Grimes has given her opinion on the recent Kesha court case in an interview with Time Out.

“You shouldn’t be allowed to sign a human being, regardless of what the allegations are or what anyone said or did,” the artist said.

“It’s basically like slavery. She should be allowed to record [with other people]. It’s a deeply fucked situation.”

Grimes originally expressed her support for Kesha on Twitter last week, when she was denied an injunction that would free her from her contract with alleged abuser Dr. Luke.

Grimes, a noted Bernie Sanders supporter, was also asked what she would do if presidential hopeful Donald Trump used any of her songs for his campaign music.

“I’d sue him,” she said. “The band Skinny Puppy tried suing the US government for $666,000 for using their music as torture [at Guantanamo Bay].”

When asked what she would do with the money Grimes said: “Give it to Planned Parenthood.”

Grimes isn’t the only musician to be critical of Trump this week. On Wednesday, (February 24), Pussy Riot said he was “a dangerous clown” with similarities to Vladimir Putin.



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