The British post-rock favourites return, better late than never.

Yndi Halda have never been in a hurry. Born in Kent but now based in Brighton, their first and till now last release saw songs stretch into 20-minute symphonic slow-blooms with shades of Tortoise, Mono and the Erased Tapes stable, in a scene and on a label then full of frenzied math bands. That mini-album’s title also riffed on a vast, endless span of time: Enjoy Eternal Bliss read its sleeve, their band name translated from Old Norse. Neither the group nor their cult fan base, however, saw its follow-up taking a whole decade to surface.

“We listened to lots of music” is guitarist and singer James Vella’s excuse for the 10-year lull between 2006’s …Eternal Bliss and the imminent Under Summer. Well, one of them. “We watched endless films and read endless books, wrote solo albums, published fiction, underwent great personal changes and moved cities and countries.” Changes to the band line-up can’t have helped either: while Yndi spent Sunday night gearing up to the album’s March 4 release, their former bassist Brendan Grieve was suited-and-booted onstage at the Oscars, performing in Sam Smith’s backing band.

They describe it as a more “personal” record than their last, “hence the singing” says Vella. It’s certainly just as vast and ambitious as their previous, braiding big choral harmonies, classical string arrangements, Explosions In The Sky dreaminess and beneath it all, pop hooks. Some things, then, are worth not hurrying. Stream the whole album above, pick it up from Friday (March 4) on Big Scary Monsters and Burnt Toast Vinyl, and see them on tour in the UK from March 25.



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