Get ready to fight for your copy of Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s Live In Switzerland 1997.

Record Store Day has announced its vinyl exclusives for 2016.

As the increasingly contentious organisation explains in a press release, over 250 labels are taking part in this year’s event, which takes place on April 16.

“Among this year’s releases, labels are choosing to put new music at the forefront of their offerings, with new material from artists such as Foals, Primal Scream and Bastille all joining the list,” RSD explains.

If you’re not a fan of Foals, Bastille or Primal Scream, fear not: RSD has something for younger listeners too.

“Major label acts also add weight to the Record Store Day list and among the releases this year which might appeal to a younger generation of vinyl fans are acts such as James Bay, Florence and the Machine and Hozier,” it adds.

If you don’t like vinyl then Run The Jewels are taking the annual event into the tech sphere with a 360-degree virtual reality video for their song ‘Crown’, complete with “fully customized Run the Jewels virtual reality viewer.”

As is increasingly the case, the list features a few interesting vinyl releases together with  a lot of unnecessary reissues, which means you’ll be scrambling for copies of Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks amongst vinyl pressings of Britpop also-rans Space’s 1996 debut Spiders, Do Not Go Gentle: Howard Marks reads Dylan Thomas and Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s Live In Switzerland 1997.

You can read the whole list at the Record Store Day website, or do as many stores are doing and boycott the event.

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