The Google Doodle has a musical companion.

Google has launched the Chrome Music Lab, a collection of interactive instruments that allow you to experiment with music in your browser.

The website uses the Web Audio API to turn your browser into an instrument, and includes a number of tools that teach you the basics of harmonics, chords, arpeggios and rhythm.

According to The Next Web, the Chrome Music Lab is part of the USA’s Music In Our Schools month, but the collection of instruments are likely to waste more grown-up working hours the the average Google Doodle.

As well as the more education-focused tools there’s an interactive spectrogram, an abstract Kandinsky-inspired sequencer and tool that lets you record and “spin” your own vocals through your laptop’s microphone.

The Chrome Music Lab is the latest piece of browser technology from Google that shows off the power of the Web Audio API. Last year the company added MIDI support to Google Chrome, and the Music Lab’s instruments offers open-source code for creating your own experiments.

If you’re still hungry for more browser-based music making after the Chrome Music Lab, check out a Roland-inspired drum machine and GarageBand-style sequencer.



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