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Tributes to the late Beatles’ producer keep flooding in.

Nigel Godrich has paid tribute to Beatles producer George Martin, claiming he changed the way he thought about recording following the Beatles producer’s death earlier this week.

Speaking to the Guardian, the Radiohead producer said: “The story that Paul McCartney told me was that John Lennon was out all night doing whatever and showed up pretty frazzled the next day with ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ – but it was a song with just one note on the guitar and some singing. And George Martin said: ‘OK, let’s see what we can do with this.’ It’s taking something very basic and seeing the potential in it and using your skills to make it happen. It’s a cross between a group therapist and a film director.”

He continued: “We had Joe Meek and other producers, but George Martin produced the job of producer – he made that job. It was a time of great revolution and technology, multi-tracking and what you could do in a studio. He had all of these things at his disposal.”

“I love the guy – he was an amazing inspiration. He wrote a book, All You Need Is Ears, and it changed the way I thought about recording in terms of simplicity and directness, just before we recorded Radiohead’s Kid A. And I was lucky enough to meet him. He was very kind to me, very humble, and I know his son well. His work will be alive for a long time. Listen to Let It Be – the Phil Spector version – and Let It Be … Naked. You can hear how different they would have sounded without him – messy and unfocused. It’s the end of an era.”

Mark Ronson also praised Martin’s pop production legacy in the Guardian feature: “I was in a studio last night with a bass in my hand, thinking, ‘What would George do?’ Every day you go in a studio, what he did with the Beatles is hanging over you as a barometer of trying to make a good song an extraordinary one.”



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