The software is based on the microphone techniques developed to enhance Bowie’s vocals. 

Tony Visconti and audio software company Eventide are working on an “innovative plug-in” inspired by the producer’s work with David Bowie.

According to Music Radar, Visconti and Eventide have been working together on the plug-in effect for the past two years, and came about following a meeting between Visconti and the Eventide team.

“The Eventide team listened as Visconti explained how he and Bowie worked together on the album Heroes,” the company told the site.

“He described how powerful an instrument Bowie’s voice was (what he called “Bowie histrionics”) and how he was able to harness that power by employing various microphone techniques.

“That meeting inspired the Eventide trio to create a plug-in that would mimic and build upon the real world effects that Visconti had created.”

Visconti worked with Bowie extensively throughout his career, starting with the artist’s self-titled second album and ending with the recent Blackstar. The producer was an early adopter of digital plug-in effects, using Eventide’s Digidesign delay software on Bowie’s 1974 album Diamond Dogs.

Full details of the plug-in are yet to be revealed, but the effect has already been used on a track produced for a forthcoming episode of Martin Scorsese and HBO’s record label drama series Vinyl.

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