Hear the transformed title track now.

Though Benjamin Wynn is known for his Emmy-winning sound design on shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, to many he’s Deru, the ambient artist behind the painstakingly composed 2013 album 1979. The album was released through Friends Of Friends as an audio-visual project that came with an interactive website of user submitted memories — including entries from Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, How To Dress Well and Amon Tobin.

This April, Wynn will release 1979: Remixed, but rather than pass out tracks to other producers, he’s taking it all on himself. Remix albums can be a dime a dozen, but Wynn’s careful reexaminations play off the original works’ themes of memory beautifully. It gives pieces like the opener, ‘1979 (On A Snowy February Day)’, a sense of newfound discovery alongside a nagging sense of deja vu. It’s a welcome feeling. Listen to it below, alongside a new video of the 2013 track ‘Let The Silence Float’, and pre-order 1979: Remixed before its April 29 release via Bandcamp. Soon you can catch Wynn live for a series of tour dates including a pair with the recently reunited Telefon Tel Aviv.

Deru tour dates:

03/26: Brooklyn @ BRIC (with Hannah Epperson)
04/02: Los Angeles @ The Regent (with Telefon Tel Aviv)
04/22: San Francisco @ Gray Area Festival (with Telefon Tel Aviv)



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