UPDATE: Pablo is officially out tomorrow and not close to finished.

Def Jam have confirmed to the New York Times that “a newly updated, remixed and remastered version” of The Life Of Pablo will be available on all streaming services starting tomorrow.

They added that in the months to come “Kanye will release new updates, new versions and new iterations of the album” referring to it as a “continuous process”.

Fans who originally bought it can also finally redeem their downloads.

Despite the fact that it would “never never never” be available anywhere but TIDAL, Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo is coming to Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services this Friday, Mashable reports.

Last week, Kanye appeared to be testing the waters when ‘Famous’ appeared on non-TIDAL streaming services. Today, it was followed by yet another Pablo track, ‘I Love Kanye’.

The decision doesn’t seem as bad for TIDAL in the wake of their recently released stream numbers — the company received an enormous boost thanks to the period of exclusivity on Kanye’s album, as expected.

In addition to the streams, the album is currently available to download on TIDAL, but only for people who originally paid for it in the brief window it had a buy option upon release. Revisit our review of Pablo and explore the samples behind the album.



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