The album is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.

Almost two months after it was released, Kanye West has made The Life of Pablo available to buy and for listening on streaming services other than Tidal.

The album was originally available to purchase during a brief window on February 14, but was quickly pulled from sale. As tweeted by Kanye, the album is once again available to buy through his website, where it costs $20.00.

Streaming services currently hosting The Life of Pablo in the USA include Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play, but the only option currently available to European listeners is Spotify.

Despite Kanye finally rolling the album out widely, he’s not finished tinkering with the album, which has undergone extensive tweaks since its release.

Earlier this week, Def Jam confirmed that the album rolled out to streaming services today was “a newly updated, remixed and remastered version,” but that “Kanye will release new updates, new versions and new iterations of the album” as part of a “continuous process”.

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