The post-rock pioneer has been cleared to return home following Hollywood Boulevard crash last month.

In early March, Slint guitarist David Pajo took to Instagram to let fans know he had been in a motorcycle incident. At first it seemed that Pajo might lose a foot but doctors eventually confirmed that he would able to retain the use of both legs.

Health Update! A week ago, I had a motorcycle accident. People that know me know I don’t go out that much. So I was excited to see a friend’s movie premier. I had an excuse to go out, an excuse to ride, to see a movie, to put on a tie. I was rolling down Hollywood Boulevard, just cruising. Movie was at 7:30. I was nearly there and it was around 7:20. A woman ran a red light and nailed me head on. When I looked at my leg, I was sure I’d never see my foot again. The cop who witnessed everything told me the same thing. Doctors have been telling me amputation is likely since day one. They are realistic and don’t give me false hopes. Not one doctor had ever said something openly optimistic, with any kind of assurance. My foot has been just okay and hasn’t gotten any better or worse. I’ve had a few surgeries, blood transfusions, physical therapy, yadda yadda. BUT. Last night, for the first time, the most stoic, grow a sense of humor, straight facts, all work and no play, doctor said to me, off the cuff: “There’s no doubt in my mind that your leg will be fine.” I think I surprised him when I burst into tears. 📷 Tara Jane O Neil

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Earlier today, the band took to Facebook to announce that Pajo had been cleared to return home and encouraged fans to help in his recovery. “It’s going to be a long process of recovery, with lots of medical attention and (eventually) physical rehab,” said the band in a statement. Read below.

Hey folks!! David was cleared to head home yesterday, directly from the hospital!! After several major surgeries and…

Posted by Slint (official) on Saturday, 2 April 2016

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