The Detroit veteran has also announced another chapter in his Sleeper Wakes album series.

Jeff Mills is launching an audiophile offshoot of his label Axis Records to put out records “mastered for high-fidelity sounds” on 180 gram virgin vinyl at 32-bit/48kHz, as RA reports.

The first release from the Axis Audiophile Series is a live recording of Mills’ jazz-fusion outfit, a group that features Underground Resistance’s Gerald Mitchell on keys alongside bassist Kenji “Jino” Hino and Yumiko Ohno of rock group Buffalo Daughter. The recording comes from a gig in Kobe last September.

Mills will also release Free Fall Galaxy, the ninth album in his sci-fi saga Sleeper Wakes, on Axis Records in June. The label says the album is about “the triangular pursuit of a prey that falls victim to its attacker.” Never change Jeff!

In the meantime, the techno icon is set to appear on the new album from electronic pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre, who’s also recruited Cyndi Lauper and the Pet Shop Boys to the project, among other star guests.

Earlier this year we went mad for the reissue of Mills’ 1989 collaboration with Anthony Srock, a banging industrial-electro album as Final Cut.


Kobe Session
A1 ‘Eventide’
A2 ‘Introductions’ (MC/translator: Masaaki Ishizaki)
B ‘Happy Gamma Ray’

Free Fall Galaxy
01. ‘Medians’
02. ‘The Hunter’
03. ‘Gravitational Lensing’
04. ‘Inner Synthesis’
05. ‘Solar Crossroads’
06. ‘Transformation In the Virgo Constellation’
07. ‘The Hunted’
08. ‘Rabid Star Clusters’
09. ‘Tri-angularism’
10. ‘Spectroscopic’
11. ‘Entering (The Free Fall Galaxy)’
12. ‘Irreversible Elliptic Orbits’
13. ‘Aurora’



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