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DJ Lazy Set is a Twitter account that wants to play your party.

Spotify already offers seamless party blends with playlists created by artists like Diplo, but it has competition from a new Twitter bot capable of curating playlists based on user suggestions.

As The Next Web reports, the DJ Lazy Set account will make a Spotify playlist based around whatever artist name you tweet at it, with artists including Skepta, Macklemore, Tame Impala and Lightning Bolt suggested so far.

According to account creator Grant McLennan, the account works by running the suggested names through the API for Spotify’s Discovery API, which then returns a playlist back through Twitter.

Unfortunately DJ Lazy Set is currently blocked from sending tweets by Twitter, but you can still access all the bot’s playlists at Spotify.

If you want a little more control over your automatic party playlists, Serato recently launched an app called Pyro with its own built-in recommendation engine.

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