And it is, well, no fun.

HBO released the soundtrack for their CBGBs nostalgia series Vinyl today. The collection is packed with odd covers of classics by seemingly reach artists – see: Trey Songz’s cover of ‘Life on Mars?’ rated by Singles Club a few weeks back – including Charli XCX tackling the Stooges’ ‘No Fun’.

OK, so here’s the thing that is weird about these covers: They maintain the original music with the covering artist doing their best pantomime of the vocals. Charli’s Iggy is so out of line with her signature talents, it almost feels as if someone from Houston screwed down her vocal track. Check it out below, I guess. For full scale mimesis, take a gander at Julian Casablancas’ rendition of ‘Venus in Furs’.

Trey Songz doesn’t sound so bad now, huh?

[via Stereogum]



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