Azealia Banks dances on an NYPD car in the video for ‘The Big Big Beat’

Azealia Banks tributes her hometown in her latest video.

Azealia Banks’ recently released mixtape Slay Z is another impressive work in a catalogue often overshadowed by her brash personality. Its most massive track is the Biggie-sampling hip-hop cut ‘The Big Big Beat’ and Banks has shared a clip for the song. In it, she dances in project hallways and in front of an NYPD precinct before getting on top of a cop car and controlling the solo scene like very own band leader.

In a way, that’s what she is: Her power is self-possessed, she’s a lone wolf navigating most of the music industry alone. Sure, it’s because of her constant gaffes but she still has the assurance to this all on her own anyway.

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Latest Videos

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